Do your facilities have lockers and showers?

Of course! We have spacious lockers and full service showers at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Can I bring my dog with me to workout?

We love dogs but unfortunately they are not allowed in the gym. Sorry!

I heard you guys give out free food, is that true?

Absolutely! BUZZFIT offers “CHEAT DAY” on the 1st Monday of the month as a small token of appreciation to all our members. This includes coffee and bagels in the morning and pizza in the evening! Yes, it is FREE!

Is there any commitment?

*Buzzfit has the right to add a 12 months commitment depending on current promotion.

When is my annual fee charged?

Annual fees are billed differently from membership to membership. Please refer to your contract agreement.

How can I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership and stop the billing of the Monthly Membership Fee on or around the 20th of the month, the club must receive written notification by certified mail delivered to the club on or before the 1st of the month or in person. In order to cancel your membership prior to the billing of the Annual Membership Fee, the club requires written notification as described above on or before the 25th of the month before such billing.

What date will my account be charged for my monthly membership dues?

Your monthly dues will be charge on or around the 20th of each month.

Can I pay cash?

The initiation fee can be payed cash. All monthly membership dues and annual fees must be payed by pre-authorized payments to a credit card or chequing account.

Are there any penalties for payments returned uncollectible?

Yes, a $10.00 service charge will be applied for each month your monthly dues are returned uncollected.

How does tanning and massage work?

Our Buzz Card users can have FREE and UNLIMITED access to our BUZZ ZONE massage chairs and tanning. You must be at least 18 years old to use our tanning booths.